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Post-Bariatric Surgery Procedures

Understanding the Benefits of Post-bariatric Plastic Surgery 

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Significant weight loss is an achievement worth celebrating, but it can be disappointing when loose, excess skin affects your figure. Many bariatric patients have this concern, and should consider the benefits of post-bariatric plastic surgery. Performed by Dr. Stephen Greenberg in Long Island, NY, body contouring procedures offer substantial benefits for patients who have lost 100 pounds or more. The author of “A Little Nip, A Little Tuck,” Dr. Greenberg  has helped thousands of patients achieve greater body confidence. To schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Greenberg, please contact our Manhattan, Southampton, or Woodbury office today.

Cosmetic Concerns After Weight Loss

The skin on the body has natural, built-in elasticity to accommodate growth, pregnancy, and fat storage. When a large amount of weight is gained, the skin is stretched beyond normal capacity, and elasticity can be permanently damaged. After substantial weight loss with bariatric surgery, many patients are left feeling self-conscious and frustrated by the slack, hanging skin that remains.

Common areas of concern are the torso, hips, and upper legs, but can also include the arms and, particularly for men, the chest area. Many patients also experience skin sagging in the neck and lower face, which can have an unexpected, aging affect.

Physical Benefits

It is natural for weight-loss patients to want to show off their efforts in flattering, body-conscious clothing. A full body liftarm lift, or thigh lift can be transformative for bariatric surgery patients. Body contouring procedures can permanently remove hanging, extra skin and unsightly bulges to smooth your curves and streamline your physique. A more proportionate, shapely figure can complete your weight-loss journey.

Greater Confidence

Simply put, post-bariatric surgery can help patients feel more comfortable in their own skin. By achieving a trimmer, more proportionate figure, many of our patients find they have the confidence to wear a bikini again or expand their wardrobe to include pieces that are more form-fitting. This can lead to emotional benefits like a greater sense of well-being that extends to impact several areas of your life. 

Improved Health Issues

Excess skin can create several issues. This tissue may get caught in clothing, causing discomfort and pain. Folds of skin may lead to chafing, rashes, and in some cases, even create persistent infection. Post-bariatric procedures can restore the health and comfort of areas that are prone to these concerns. 

Investing in a Trimmer Figure

Post-bariatric plastic surgery is not usually covered by health insurance, unless it is causing physical health issues like skin infections or chafing. To make cosmetic procedures more affordable, Greenberg Plastic Surgery offers CareCredit℠, which provides no-interest financing and other options.

Contact Us to Learn More

At Greenberg Plastic Surgery, we perform full body lifts and a range of targeted cosmetic surgery procedures for male and female weight-loss patients. A personal consultation with Dr. Greenberg is the best way to find out how post-bariatric plastic surgery can benefit you and help you achieve your goals. Please contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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