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Fat Transfer

Learn More About Fat Transfer Cost 

Fat transfer is an ideal way to put your body fat to work for you, creating volume and curves where you want them, while removing unwanted tissue from your waist or thighs. Many patients are interested in this procedure and want to learn more about fat transfer cost. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Stephen Greenberg in Long Island, New York, performs body contouring and aesthetic enhancements with fat transfer, and offers cost information to help you make an informed decision.

Dr. Greenberg is an author and national media authority on plastic surgery techniques, with a reputation for exquisite work. He can provide you with personalized pricing information during a consultation.To schedule an appointment at our Manhattan, Southampton, or Woodbury location, please contact us today.

About Fat Transfer

The fat transfer process allows patients to modify areas of concern using their own, natural body fat. First, unwanted tissue is removed from the abdomen or thighs with liposuction, then the cleansed and treated fat is used to add volume to other areas. With fat transfer, there is no concern about introducing a synthetic substance or implant into the body. Transferred fat cells are almost never rejected by the body, and infection risks are very low. Compared to other forms of body contouring, fat transfer involves a relatively short recovery.

Injected fat can enhance the breasts or the buttocks, and the technique is also an effective way to add youthful volume to the face. Augmented breasts are soft and natural-looking, and fat transfer for a Brazilian butt lift provides contour to enhance the overall shape of the buttocks. 

Costs for Fat Transfer

As with any cosmetic surgery procedure, costs to the patient are determined by several factors. Patients have varied cosmetic goals and differing body proportions, so every fat transfer treatment plan is unique and individually tailored.

Dr. Greenberg’s fat transfer procedures are performed in his cost-effective ambulatory surgical center. Dr. Greenberg’s fees are not the lowest you will find in New York, but reflect his level of skill and experience.

For example, if a patient seeks a dramatic change in breast size, fat transfer may need to be performed in two or more stages. There are variations in the amount of fat removed from each patient during liposuction, which also effects the total cost. A relatively small amount of fat is needed to augment treatment areas, but trimming excess tissue from the abdomen or thighs adds to the overall effect of body reshaping. For a precise treatment estimate, the doctor will need to meet with you to assess your concerns and desired treatment outcome.

Table displaying questions concerning fat transfer cost

Other factors affecting pricing include the surgeon’s fees and costs related to the surgery location, anesthesia, and after-care. Dr. Greenberg’s fat transfer surgery is performed in his cost-effective ambulatory surgical center. Dr. Greenberg’s fees are not the lowest you will find in New York, but reflect his level of skill and experience. Choosing a surgeon based on results is a better way to protect your investment than shopping around for the cheapest treatment. Performed by an unskilled doctor, fat transfer may produce unsatisfactory results, or even place you at a higher risk of developing complications. 

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