Men Becoming Prime Consumers Of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Products

Cosmetic surgical procedures for men, almost unheard of in past generations, are swiftly gaining in popularity. Cosmetic surgical procedures for men, almost unheard of in past generations, are swiftly gaining in popularity. Cosmetic procedures for male patients rose 5 percent since last year and an amazing 355 percent since 2000.  These statistics confirm that male procedures are now the fastest growing segment of the multi-billion dollar industry, according to plastic surgical organizations.

Once solely considered a domain for women, Botox, myriad breast procedures, face-lifts, eyelifts, skin treatments, liposuction, hair restoration and other techniques are now all the rage among men.  Close to 50% of men in the U.S. are now considered consumers of cosmetic surgery products and services.  The art of plastic surgery has transformed over the years, making the sexual dividing line nearly transparent.

With the surge of men entering the marketplace, the number of licensed physicians who specialize in male plastic surgery is increasing.  Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg, a New York-based cosmetic plastic surgeon whose practice encompasses the youth-desiderate denizens of Manhattan and the Hamptons in Long Island, has seen explosive growth in the number of procedures on male patients in the past year.

“Today, women are not alone in seeking viable options to enhance their beauty and self-esteem,” says Greenberg.  “Whether it’s the desire to preserve their youth, images and news coverage in the media, getting an edge in climbing the corporate ladder, or simply for the pleasure of looking and feeling better about themselves, more and more men are actively curious and seeking out the latest and most convenient procedures available.”

In offering gynecomastia (male breast reduction), hair restoration, liposuction, eyelid lifts, face-lifts, and abdominoplasty, Dr. Greenberg is recognized as one of the country’s most proficient and prolific cosmetic surgeons.  Greenberg’s ability to recognize the latest innovations and trends in the field and adapt them into his practice is one reason he is considered a trailblazer for male cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Greenberg is a leading authority sought after for his expertise by nearly every major publication and television network.  He also hosts his own weekly cosmetic surgery radio talk shows. Performing the most advanced cosmetic surgery procedures, he remains the Cosmetic Surgeon to both celebrities and the ’girl-next door,’ and has locations in Woodbury and Southampton, Long Island, Manhattan, NY and Boca Raton, Florida. Dr. Greenberg offers an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and upscale environment for cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, and provides the highest quality of care.  His office can be reached at reached at 516.364.4200.

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