The MedSpa at Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery Introduces Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos have become a popular form of self-expression, with nearly one third of Americans having one or more tattoos. A more fascinating statistic is that nearly 40% of those with tattoos also have tattoo regret.

Previously, there were limited options for managing tattoo regret:

  •     living with an unwanted tattoo
  •     utilizing old technology that didn’t completely remove the tattoo
  •     older technology for removal was painful
  •     removal required a dozen or more treatments
  •     covering the tattoo with a new tattoo

New technology has introduced a new option – complete removal of all types of tattoos, on all skin types, in up to half the treatments. Dr. Greenberg’s previous hesitation to offer Laser Tattoo Removal has gone since learning about the Cutera Enlighten Laser.

“For years my patients have asked when I would offer Laser Tattoo Removal, and my answer was simply, when the technology and results meet our standards,” states Dr. Greenberg, “Previous technologies were at best 80% effective at removing some tattoos. Certain skin types and tones were not candidates, and the discomfort and large number of treatments prevented me providing this service.  The new technology offers up to 100% removal on all skin types in half the treatments with minimal pain. We’ve even seen patients with partial tattoo removals performed with old technology come to us to complete the job. The results are incredible!”

Laser tattoo removal’s state-of-the-art technology provides:

  •     up to 100% removal of tattoos, including color
  •     minimal discomfort during treatment, with topical/local anesthesia upon request for more sensitive areas
  •     no exclusion because of skin color, or previous tattoo removal treatments
  •     better results in half the treatments
  •     the ability to tattoo over a treated area
  •     permanent makeup tattoo removal
  •     skin lightening for benign hyperpigmentation
  •     variable laser settings for more comprehensive and personalized treatment plans

The staff of Laser Tattoo Removal will examine the tattoo, the surrounding skin, and the patient’s goals for removal.  During the examination, a personalized treatment plan will be created, detailing the intensity and frequency of the laser treatments, as well as the anticipated result based on the patient’s needs.  The tattoo removal process can begin that day, and subsequent appointments will be outlined as needed.

Patients have varying reasons to remove a tattoo, such as a new job which may not embrace tattoo culture, a scar or injury that has disrupted the design of a tattoo, a desire to remove a name or memory, philosophical changes that may happen with age or station, and sometimes the tattoo itself may not match the aesthetic that the patient wants/wanted. Misspellings happen (always proof and spellcheck your tattoo!), relationships may change, and preferences and tastes evolve.  With Laser Tattoo Removal, tattoo regret can be a thing of the past!  To undo a tattoo, click here.

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