Inject a LIttle, Gain A Lot – Botox and Restylane

Ahhh, the magic of Botox. This simple injectable is the stuff dreams are made of for my patients looking to diminish their deep wrinkles, smooth frown lines, and lessen the appearance of crows feet. Botox has become the non-surgical “face lift” of choice for millions of people across the United States, for good reason. I recommend it to all my patients who are looking for a non-surgical way to enjoy smoother, more youthful looking skin. They appreciate how quick, easy, and very efficient Botox is, and applaud its ability to provide maximum effectiveness with a minimum of discomfort.

Without giving you all the doctor jargon associated with Botox, simply put, it helps reduce the activity of the muscles that cause wrinkles in the upper part of your face. And no, you won’t look frozen, not if the right amount of Botox is injected and reintroduced at suggested intervals. So smileI promise you’ll be able to.

And speaking of smiles, I’m having great results with Restylane. Well my patients are. It’s kind of a dual purpose injectable with the same result.fullness. Think of it as a volumizer for your lips and a filler for those annoying lines around the corners of your mouth and chin. This injectable actually lifts up wrinkles and folds, ironing out skin’s imperfections for a more youthful look. It can plump up your lips making them ultimately kissable, and add natural looking balance to your face by filling in what nature and age have taken away. Don’t we just love modern invention and intervention? I know I do, because it gives me the opportunity to make so many people happier about their appearance and ultimately themselves, and Botox and Restylane are making it truly easy.

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