How To Correct Symmastia

Symmastia is a condition in which is the result of an unwanted complication of breast augmentation surgery. It happens when the implant is improperly placed during the original breast augmentation causing it to migrate past the midline of the chest and making it look as if there’s no indent or cleavage between the breasts. When getting it repaired, it’s important to find a surgeon skilled in correcting symmastia, and at Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery in New York, we have the knowledge that can help you with symmastia.

When trying to self-diagnose symmastia, you can look for signs that the breasts seem to fuse. Either there will be empty skin connecting them or a web of fat, skin, and tissue. This can happen if the original implants were too wide for your frame, or you had a preexisting deformity in the chest wall. Sometimes if the surgeon cuts too deep and capsular pocket forms, the implants may migrate. Usually, this won’t be noticeable immediately after surgery but will develop over the course of the recovery.

It is best to talk to an expert immediately if you notice any signs of symmastia presenting. Talk to your previous surgeon about what might have caused it, but then maybe get a second or third opinion so that you can find someone skilled in correction techniques.

How Is It Treated?

The treatment for symmastia is a second surgery and sometimes third surgery. While a separator bra can temporarily remedy the effects of symmastia, it is not a permanent solution. One way the surgeon can correct this problem is to perform a breast implant revision, which involves cutting the tissue away from the midline of the breastbone and removing the implants for 12 weeks to allow the tissue and breastbone time to heal, and then perform a second breast augmentation. Throughout the process, the patient will decide on a new size, shape, filler type, and profile for the new implants.

There is another type of surgery used to correct symmastia called the internal bra procedure, which uses special retractors to widen the implant pockets and reposition them at a higher level giving the breast a more youthful appearance. It lasts several years and is a new breast lift that offers more support as if you had an internal bra.

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