Hairline Browlift

Many people would love to look their absolute best and youngest, though this can be difficult to achieve. Advanced age and the effects of the sun and gravity can really do a number on a person’s appearance over time. Thankfully there are many different plastic surgery options out there that can greatly enhance the overall appearance of a person’s face. One kind of surgery that can prove both reliable and effective is the browlift.

We want to take this opportunity to look at the nature of the browlift and how it can be of great benefit to patients who are having difficulty with matters regarding the upper portions of the face.

Problems with Forehead Lines

A few forehead wrinkles can give a person an air of distinction and age. Too many, however, can pose a problem. Deep forehead lines and wrinkles can cause a person to look much older than they really are. In fact, some forehead lines can actually make a person look perpetually tired, worried, or distressed.

The only way to smooth out these lines and look your youngest and your most refreshed is the browlift surgery.

About the Browlift

Also known as the forehead lift, browlift surgery is deigned to tighten the skin of the forehead and remove all of those problematic lines and wrinkles that cause brow furrows to occur.

How the Browlift Differs from a Traditional Facelift

The browlift is used for the upper face and forehead region, targeting those areas specifically. The traditional facelift, by contrast, is designed to target the middle face region, which is the cheek area and the corners of the eyes.

Ideal Candidates for the Browlift

The best candidates for browlift surgery are people who are dealing with deep wrinkles and lines in the forehead who would prefer it if such lines were not as prominent. They should be in good overall health to tolerate surgery and not suffer from any health conditions that would make the procedure risky.

The Browlift Procedure

During the browlift procedure, incisions are carefully made along the patient’s hairline. The surgeon will work his or her hardest to ensure that these incisions and the subsequent scars are hidden from view. Through these incisions, the underlying structures of the forehead can be adjusted and the excess skin removed. Once all cosmetic changes are completed, the forehead skin is pulled tighter so that the lines and wrinkles vanish.

Total Makeovers Through Facial Lift Surgery

The browlift is a great anti-aging option, but it isn’t the only one. There are many other surgeries out there to consider if you want to look your best. During your consultation process, we can discuss all of your options to achieve a total makeover. This kind of rejuvenation can leave you looking years younger and much more vibrant.

Learn More About Your Facial Plastic Surgery Options

For more information about browlift surgery as well as your many other options out there for wrinkle reduction and anti-aging, be sure to contact our New York and Long Island cosmetic surgery centers today. The entire team here looks forward to meeting you in person and going over all of your options for enhanced aesthetic treatment.

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