Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg Appears on ABC’s Good Morning America

Did you see Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg’s appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America?

GMA’s Heat Index piece started by profiling Nicole Eggert, the Baywatch beauty, who opened up about her cosmetic surgery journey.   

Dr. Greenberg educated Good Morning America’s audience on the three most botched cosmetic surgery procedures. They are:

  1. Rhinoplasty (nose jobs)- too small or ski slope appearance
  2. Breast Augmentation- uneven result or breasts that are too small or too large
  3. Liposuction- scarring, indentations or grooves

In his office, Dr. Greenberg educates patients in-depth about the procedures, risks and possible complications of surgery.   Although there are risks inherent in any surgical procedure, Dr Greenberg is extremely careful about the patients that he will treat. Patients need strict medical clearance from their doctors before undergoing any surgery. 

In addition, Dr. Greenberg spends a lot of time discussing the requested results with patients to ensure a positive result.  “In our practice, we use computer imaging to show patients exactly what they are going to look like after surgery.  Our patients are well-educated and know what they are going to get at the time of surgery”,  said Dr. Greenberg.

Click HERE to watch the video.


Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg offers complimentary consultations at his Woodbury, Southampton and Manhattan offices.  To schedule an appointment, or request additional information, call 516-364-4200 or visit www.GreenbergCosmeticSurgery.com.  

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