Can EmSculpt Really Improve My Body Definition?

Have you been trying to get into shape but you just can’t seem to get into the gym at a reasonable time? Taking care of children, attending to long workdays, or having many social obligations can leave many people wondering when exactly it is they’re going to carve out their ideal physique. Worse yet, there are many people who find themselves at the mercy of biology and have a tough time dealing with fat stores and areas that are resistant to exercise. If that sounds like you, Emsculpt is a revolutionary new way to stimulate muscular development!

Fitness Scams and Miracle Cures

The fitness market is littered with snake-oil salesmen who want to tell you about the latest quick fix. From a strange contraption that looks more like a torture device than a piece of exercise equipment to ridiculous products such as the ab belt that is supposed to melt fat by vibrating (more on this later).

Everyone wants a miracle cure, but nobody knows how to make one. America’s preoccupation with fitness comes at a time when people are struggling more than ever to keep weight off, stay trim, and stay healthy. Our modern lifestyle of convenience comes at a cost of it being very difficult to stay in shape due to it being easier than ever to stay sedentary. Many of us commute to work in cars, we sit at desks all day, we’re short on time so we make do with fast food. Where is that ab belt when you need it? It’s not here, but Emsculpting is!

What is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is an FDA approved procedure that simply sounds too good to be true. Unlike that silly abdominal belt, Emsculpt is a non-invasive/non-surgical method of body contouring that can be effectively utilized to shape and tone the abdominal region and buttocks. It uses an electromagnetic procedure to stimulate powerful muscular contractions that ordinarily cannot be achieved by most exercise modalities. These contractions will stimulate the muscle tissue to adapt to the stimulus and thus create a tightening and firming effect all throughout the abdominal muscles and wall, as well as the buttocks.

A bonus of this procedure is that it also offers modest localized fat reduction. The combination of reducing fat while also tightening and toning the muscles of the target area is a powerful one-two punch that can transform the way you look.

How Fast Does Emsculpt Work?

Because Emsculpt is non-invasive, the treatment offers benefits to almost everyone. Emsculpt is not a replacement for a quality diet and exercise regimen. Emsculpt is causing your target muscles to fire somewhere around the ballpark of 20,000 times in 30 minutes. Needless to say, this is far faster than you could do on your own. However, the concept is similar to exercising. You create a stimulus for your muscles and they respond and adapt to that stimulus over time. Because of this, Emsculpt is best utilized over the course of 3-6 months.

Patients report noticing results within as short as a week—they feel their stomach becoming firmer as they recover from the first session and by 3 months’ time.

Who Benefits From Emsculpt the Most?

emsculpt before and after

While there are many procedures for fat loss and large scale fat reduction, Emsculpt is not one of those treatments. It is best utilized as a treatment to tone and tighten up in a way that ordinary exercise does not feasibly allow. Because of this, the ideal Emsculpt patient is already fairly thin and in shape to some degree. The reason is simple, if you still possess significant body fat in your abdominal region, you will not visibly see much benefit from the procedure as compared to someone who is lean.

Emsculpt in Boca Raton

Are you tired of working more for less results? Contour your body with Emsculpt! With the Emsculpt device being able to stimulate 20,000 supramaximal abdominal contractions within 30 minutes, the results the procedure confers is undeniable. Clients report having a tighter stomach after the first session and more visible compactness to their abdominal area.

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If you’re seeking Emsculpt treatment or other fat loss treatments such as Coolsculpting or more extensive treatments such as liposuction, contact us here to get started today!

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