Breast Reduction For Alleviating Body Pain

Young women are reaping the benefits of breast reductions on a daily basis to achieve the figure of their dreams. Apart from the aesthetic benefits, a variety of these women are getting breast reductions in Manhattan to alleviate their neck and back pain. During the procedure, excess tissue and skin are removed from the breasts. The goal is to make the breast smaller and firmer. Dr. Stephen Greenberg of Greenberg Cosmetics is dedicated to providing stellar results for women who are seeking breast reductions in Manhattan. Greenberg Cosmetics is dedicated to helping their clients accentuate their natural beauty, while simultaneously enhancing the quality of their lives by curbing pain-related issues that come when having larger breasts, which will do wonders in boosting self-esteem for the long-term.

Manhattan, NY is a melting pot full of diversity. Women, regardless of their status, want to be the best version of themselves. Residents of this neighborhood are constantly exposed to the glamor and beauty of other women who represent the upper echelon of natural beauty. Breast reductions in Manhattan continue to be a cosmetic procedure that women are coveting.

Candidacy For Breast Reductions In Manhattan

Young women with large breasts are prone to suffering from medical problems such as neck and back pain, skin irritation, breathing issues, and much more. Breast reductions can make the breasts more proportional to your body type, but they will also rid you of many of these issues, and they will promote other benefits such as better posture, enhanced appearance, and little to no skin irritation. With that in mind, like with most cosmetic procedures, there are criteria in place that prospective patients need to meet in order to qualify for the procedure. This is especially true for young girls who don’t have fully developed breasts. 

The following are a set of guidelines that are used to determine candidacy for the procedure:

  • Disproportionate breasts
  • Pain due to the breast size, which includes back, neck, and shoulder pain
  • Shoulder grooves due to bras
  • Hindrances for performing daily activities
  • Breast sizes are uneven

Being able to breastfeed after having this procedure will vary and cannot be discerned ahead of time by surgeons. Women will incur some risk post-surgery, but such is the case with many other cosmetic procedures. The pros will heavily outweigh the cons. Nipple sensitivity, infections, and being unable to breastfeed are common outcomes, but this is not a hindrance for most women who get breast reductions in Manhattan. We want our patients to feel comfortable in their bodies and exude confidence with something that is going to leave them feeling content for years to come. 

Getting A Consultation & Preparing For The Procedure

The benefits of receiving a breast reduction speaks for itself. When going for your initial consultation at Greenberg Cosmetics, Dr. Greenberg will thoroughly assess your symptoms and personal anatomy. Following this, he will go over the specifics of your procedure like where incisions will be made, etc. You’re in good hands with the team at Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery, who exudes professionalism with the credentials to back up the experience.

When preparing for your surgery, coordinate with your doctor for what you need to do on your part in order to mitigate the possibility of infection or bleeding. Patients are encouraged to stop taking medication and supplements prior to the procedure, as it can prompt unwanted bleeding. For the day of your operation, bring your ID and insurance card (if applicable), wear comfortable clothes, follow instructions of eating/drinking before the procedure, and have someone to pick you up once it’s complete.

If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation with Dr. Greenberg, you can contact us to learn more about our process.

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