4 Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Augmentation on Long Island

Feeling confident about your appearance can help to make you confident in every other aspect of your life. There are many women who become self-conscious about their breasts over time and undergo breast augmentation on Long Island. If you are considering breast augmentation on Long Island, use the following guide to learn the answers to a few of the top questions that patients ask before the surgery.

Am I A Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation on Long Island?

Most women do not know whether they are a good candidate for the surgery or not. Surgeons conduct breast augmentations for women who want to enhance their appearance, are in good health, and who have been considering the option for quite a while. They do not want someone to make a rash decision when it comes to a procedure such as breast augmentation surgery.

Common candidates for this surgery are mothers who have breastfed or had their breasts removed from cancerous diseases. Breast augmentation is also favorable to those who have lost a lot of weight and thus have diminished fat in their breasts, making them smaller.

Will There Be Obvious Scarring After The Surgery?

Women want to feel great about how their breasts look but do not want the scarring to be overly obvious when everything is said and done. Doctors can insert the implants under the breasts, around the areola, through the armpit or through the belly button to create minimal scarring. The incisions are often tiny and barely noticeable unless someone is looking for them.

When Can I Get Back To My Normal Life?

Women are often fearful of having the surgery because they assume that they will be out of work and not able to return to their normal routine for weeks or even months. This is not the case though. You can typically get back to most of your normal activities within 72 hours of the surgery. You should limit your exercise and avoid heavy lifting for a few weeks, but you should be able to work and take care of family life within just a few days of undergoing breast augmentation on Long Island.

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