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Enhance Your Facial Contours through Face Fat Transfer 

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A face fat transfer performed by Dr. Stephen Greenberg at his offices serving Long IslandManhattan, and the greater New York City area, can restore lost volume and definition to your face. One of the greatest advantages of this non-invasive cosmetic procedure is that the results will look and feel completely natural.

About Face Fat Transfer

Also called fat grafting or fat injection, fat transfer is a simple and safe method primarily used for contouring the face and replacing lost skin tissue due to aging or scarring. As a highly trained cosmetic plastic surgery specialist, Dr. Greenberg has many years of experience and training in fat transfer surgery.

During fat transfer surgery, fat cells are transferred from one area of the body to another. Like collagen, Restylane®, and Perlane® treatments, fat transfer is used to fill in facial creases, wrinkles, or other depressions in the skin caused by surgery, aging, acne, or trauma. Fat transfer can also be used to refine, enhance, and contour the lips, cheeks, jaw, eyebrows, and under-eye area. Since this procedure uses fat from your own body, the risk of infection and complications is reduced.

Fat Transfer Consultation

Dr. Greenberg will meet with you at either his New York City or Long Island office to discuss the details of the fat transfer procedure. During your exam and consultation, he will determine if you are a good fat transfer candidate. The fat transfer procedure is completed in multiple steps, and Dr. Greenberg will discuss staging your fat transfer procedures over several treatment sessions.

Procedure Details

The first step of the fat grafting procedure is liposuction surgery. Typically, the fat for transfer to the face is harvested from the hips, abdomen, buttocks, or thighs. During this step, Dr. Greenberg will numb the treatment area, and make tiny incisions where the fat will be removed. Using a slender tube called a cannula, he will gently suction the fat from the donor site and then close the incisions. Next, the fat that was collected will be purified in a special centrifuge and transferred to syringes.

Dr. Greenberg will then prepare the injection site and insert the fat from the syringes. Injecting the purified fat requires skillful placement into specific areas and patterns of the face to achieve the desired correction and natural look. You should expect some swelling and bruising after the fat is injected into the face, but this should dissipate within two weeks. The donor site may be bruised for two to three weeks.


Fat transfer is usually a well-tolerated procedure. However, it is a relatively complex technique that must be performed with great care. If the fat is not properly processed, or if the injections are not skillfully performed, you could experience poor results. You can increase the success of your fat grafting procedure by choosing a respected, experienced plastic surgeon for your procedure.

Facial rejuvenation with fat transfer is a safe, long-lasting procedure with a soft and natural look.

The outcome of face fat transfer is correction of imperfections such as scarring, or restored facial fullness. Results are immediate, and they should improve in a few days after any swelling subsides. A major benefit of facial fat grafting is that results usually last significantly longer than with other types of dermal fillers. Though they vary depending on individual characteristics, your results should last for several years and may even be permanent.

Schedule Your Personal Consultation

Facial rejuvenation with fat transfer is a safe, long-lasting procedure with a soft and natural look. To learn more about how face fat transfer can benefit you, contact our practice today for a personal consultation.

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