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Worst Fashion Moments of 2011

Posted Dec 30, 2011 by SEO Admin

Found a great article on the worst fashion moments of 2011- some of them made us laugh, some made us ask what were you thinking?? Here is the list to enjoy and a link to the poll so you can vote on your pick:

Cristina's Sizes Too Small Dress


Princess Beatrice's What Is That Thing On Her Head Wedding Hat


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Fun Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Posted Dec 23, 2011 by Stephen Greenberg, MD

Sometimes it becomes very evident that going to the right plastic surgeon is extremely important.

Kenny Rogers Before Kenny Rogers After


Joan Rivers Before Joan Rivers After

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Vladmir Putin: Fillers

Posted Dec 14, 2011 by SEO Admin
Did Vladmir Putin get fillers? While it's not confirmed, it appears so based on the before after pictures from 2007 to 2011. What do you think? Read More

Hilary Duff Breast Augmentation

Posted Dec 2, 2011 by SEO Admin
About a year ago today, there were rumors speculating Hilary Duff having breast augmentation surgery. Below is a before and after picture of her from 2006 to 2010. It appears that she did have some work done. What do you think? Read More

Did Megan Fox Get New Cheeks?

Posted Nov 16, 2011 by SEO Admin
A recent picture of Megan Fox showed that she might have had cheek implants (see picture below). What do you think? Read More

Finding the Right Doctor - JWoww

Posted Nov 4, 2011 by SEO Admin
JWoww posted a blog post this morning about finding the right doctor. She hit the nail on the head about finding a doctor you know and trust. I appreciate the kind words in her blog that referenced myself and my practice. You can read the full post here: Read More

Michelle Pfeiffer "All for Plastic Surgery"

Posted Oct 6, 2011 by SEO Admin
In a recent with Elle Magazine, Michelle Pfeiffer has revealed that she would not rule out cosmetic surgery in the future. The 53 year old actress doesn't seem to be making plans to get surgery in the immediate future, but we'll be keeping an eye out to see if she has any cosmetic surgery.Read More

Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery

Posted Sep 12, 2011 by SEO Admin
Lindsay Lohan's last famous sister, Ali, has spurred rumors about her getting plastic surgery recently. Her publicist has denied this saying that the drastic changes seen in her face is directly correlated with getting older, taller, and slimmer. Based on the picture below, what do you think? Read More

Amy Fisher Plastic Surgery

Posted Jul 26, 2011 by SEO Admin
In case you didn't read about it last month, Amy Fisher, best known for shooting Mary Jo Buttafuoco has had some noticeable plastic surgery done. Personally, I don't like her new look, but I've heard different opinions on it. What do you think? Read More

Robert Pattinson Nose Job

Posted Jul 15, 2011 by SEO Admin
We usually focus on females when we discuss celebrities and their cosmetic surgery so thought it would be interesting to focus on a male celebrity for a change. Robert Pattinson, best known as his portrayal of Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie series, had a nose job done as seen through the before and after shot below. I think personally that he looks better now than prior to his surgery. What do you think? Read More