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Breast Implants: Sizes and Profiles

Posted Aug 30, 2013 by Stephen Greenberg, MD

When it comes to defining the best breast augmentation options for you and your needs, we need to consider the size of the breast implants as well as their profile / projection. Let's examine both matters right now.

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About Saline Breast Implants

Posted Aug 25, 2013 by Stephen Greenberg, MD

Saline breast implants are a safe and effective option for enhancing the overall size of the breasts. Let's look into this in greater detail so you understand their advantages and disadvantages.

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Teenagers and Breast Augmentation Surgery

Posted Aug 20, 2013 by Stephen Greenberg, MD

Breast augmentation is a great option to consider for issues related to breast size and breast contour. But is it a good option for teens? We'll take a look at this right now.

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Fight Upper Arm Flab Today

Posted Aug 19, 2013 by Stephen Greenberg, MD

Whether you’ve recently undergone substantial weight loss or simply struggle genetically, excess underarm skin can be a difficult problem to address. Often times once gravity pulls the upper arm skin down, the result is a flabby appearance that is typically unresponsive to diet and exercise. However, there is no need to despair! 

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Breast Implant Incision Options

Posted Aug 16, 2013 by Stephen Greenberg, MD
There are many different ways that breast implant surgery can be performed. The placement of the incisions can actually be crucial for the overall results that can be achieved. Let's take a moment right now to go over some of the basics.Read More

Reclaim His Mane

Posted Aug 14, 2013 by Stephen Greenberg, MD

With the summer heat at an all-time high, it is becoming more and more difficult to escape the sun’s rays. For men with thinning hair this can be painful and problematic for scalp skin. However, age, hormones and hereditary causes no longer have to mean permanent balding and dangerous sunburn. Hair restoration, a procedure continuing to grow in popularity nationwide, allows men to reclaim their manes, resulting in natural looking locks they will be sure to love. 

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Still Time To Take Advantage Of Injection Specials

Posted Aug 12, 2013 by Stephen Greenberg, MD

Endless Summer August Injection Specials- Still Going On! This morning's Southampton event was a success. Book your appointment for Woodbury or Manhattan today.

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Superfoods for Super Skin

Posted Aug 12, 2013 by Stephen Greenberg, MD

It should come as no surprise that this season we have been all about skin care. With the summer sun’s harmful rays blazing down in full swing, we cannot stress how important it is to protect yourself when enjoying the beautiful weather. However, protection isn’t only about covering up with lotions and cute accessories. Healthy skin is also in large part due to the things we choose to put inside of our bodies. So in keeping with the theme of the summer, we have compiled a list of dietary favorites for happy and healthy skin!

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Scars After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Posted Aug 10, 2013 by Stephen Greenberg, MD

Breast augmentation surgery is able to enhance the size and improve the shape of the breasts. There is some scarring involved, though in general, the scars are not particularly visible given time.

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Show Your Face Some Love this Summer

Posted Aug 8, 2013 by Stephen Greenberg, MD
With the summer sun causing havoc on the skin now is an important time to take stock of the products you are using to keep your face healthy. 
While SPF is essential for beach days and seasonal outings, it is simply not enough to battle the damage of harsh UV rays, especially damage that 
already exists. For these reasons Dr. Greenberg carries cutting edge medical-grade skin care products to rejuvenate the appearance of skin. If 
you are interested in giving your face some much needed love and attention, be sure to check out these amazing skin care options. 
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