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Twitter Surgery Time Set!

Posted Sep 30, 2009 by SEO Admin
Good afternoon everyone - I'll be performing a live breast augmentation on Twitter tomorrow morning at 11:30 AM. Please be sure to follow me as I go step by step through the procedure. I'll be speaking while my assistant tweets throughout the entire surgery. Visit my website and click on the Twitter banner to follow me!Read More

Dr.Greenberg acquires the new Axis Three Portrait 3D Surgical Simulation System

Posted Sep 21, 2009 by SEO Admin
I am the first plastic surgeon on Long Island to have this technology. It will allow the patients who come to me for Breast Augmentation consultations to actually see the results in advance. This imaging system photographs a patient from all different angles and then uses these images to reflect what certain styles and sizes of implants will look like on them. It is the most advanced and effective way to determine what a patient will look like following the surgery. Its really amazing. Visit my site here and schedule a consultation!Read More

Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery

Posted Sep 8, 2009 by SEO Admin

Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery

Beauty is in the Eyes!

Eyelid cosmetic surgeries to fix those "bags" under the eyes

*originally posted in Long Island Press

The eyes are your most expressive facial feature, especially for a woman, whose eyes are her best beauty asset. They express moods and emotions. The simplest and the most dramatic way to enhance your appearance is to play up your eyes with makeup. Too much strain on your eyes (or sickness) takes away some of the beauty and brightness of your eyes.

The eyelids are also often the most telling sign of a person's age. As we get older, we begin to develop droopy eyelids and/or puffy "bags" under the eyes. This process starts in the 30s and 40s and progresses more than most of us would like, as over the years the eyelid skin thins, loses tone and becomes more susceptible to gravity. The fat pockets gra

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